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polished online presence

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social media and brand strategy for small businesses


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i believe when you focus

on your personal brand,

your signature advantages,

and your story, you are

building wealth.

Why? Because it focuses on your most valuable asset: you. And that builds a connection that lets you be seen as an authority that’s worth saying “Yes” to in the eyes of your market. That means an easier “Yes”. A faster “Yes.” When it’s built on your natural gifts and talents, the unique experiences that have shaped you, and strategic storytelling, it’s the best way to stand out. Polish yours and you’ll have the power to influence and impact for your next level of growth.

Because whether you’re…

on stage
in front of a camera
in a sales conversation
or just networking online
 a polished personal brand can open bigger doors for you.

(If you do it right)

That’s where I come in. 


 Let me help you polish your online presence

Trainings to help you get more polished:


Uncover what to say and how to say it to hear "Yes" more often: Profit with Storytelling

Learn how to find and infuse the stories in your content so you get a “yes” in sales conversations, on stage and on camera.

Finally feel 100% comfortable and confident on camera with a signature look of your own: Polished for the Camera

Learn how to look good on camera whether you’re doing a Facebook live, a Zoom meeting, a webinar, or creating videos for Youtube.

Find and articulate your brand, your message and all of your signature advantages: Polished Brand

Finally get clear on your brand, your message, and all the signature assets you have that make you totally different from anyone else in your industry (even if they supposedly do what you do).  We’ll polish your marketing plan and create the messaging and stories you need for your marketing so business will feel easier.

I’m living proof that having  storytelling skills, content and a polished look can create a brand that connects, converts and takes you places.

I’ve landed features in major media sites like Yahoo! and NASDAQ. I’ve earned a contributor spot with the Huffington Post. I’ve interviewed a New York Times best-selling author, internationally-celebrated comedian, Maz Jobrani, and Bill Smith, founder of the Ugg brand, among others.  I’ve landed opportunities where I’ve been in a room with 8-figure authors, speakers, and business women who you’ve seen in Oprah Magazine, the New York Times and major TV outlets. None of this could have happened without knowing my message and infusing storytelling in all I do to get the “yes.” I’m here to help you hone in on these very things so you can open doors, too!

Let’s connect!