Click on the videos below to see samples of my work. 

Socius Wealth

Wealth management company

The team at Socius Wealth Management needed a website from scratch that would position them as a leader in the wealth solutions space. I created a WordPress website that was both beautiful and strategic with calls to action throughout the site to steer people to contact them.  Like all clients, I started with a mini branding session which helped steer the layout and strategy for the site.

While they had a color palette, I had creative freedom to apply it the way I wanted to do achieve their goal of getting people to contact them.  I wanted to position them as warm, engaging, and experienced leaders so I used warmer colors from the palette, ensured team images were front and center, and used imagery that would get people thinking about a brighter future for their family.

Social Coaching

Social Media Coach

This website was created on WordPress and conveys a more modern and clean to draw attention to the information people need in order to take the next step. It’s a blend of the founder’s personal brand and business brand so it showcases her personality while also letting people know that she is a true expert with quality offerings. I used pops of color to have visual interest and to draw your eyes to the buttons leading to the courses.  Her free lead magnet at the bottom helps draw people to her list and grow her list of leads.

The Luxury Group

Event planning company

This WordPress website for an event planning company plays off the goal of appearing elegant and well-established in the industry. I wanted to make sure that visitors could instantly see that this group specializes in classy and elegant affairs. 

I added in imagery that looked like polaroid pictures to give the impression that working with them would result in having beautiful moments you want to capture to remember all of the brilliant details. It also conveys the idea that the events they produce will be ones that are so beautiful that you just have to take a picture. Details like this also make website visitors feel as though they are looking at the photos a friend is sharing about their own event so it builds a bond quickly with them.

SMDC Roofing

Roofing company 

Many roofing companies have outdated websites so the goal for this one was to have a WordPress site that looked modern and showcased everything the company do (without overwhelming visitors).  

I intentionally chose this shade of blue to build trust and create a calming feel (as often clients needing roofing come to websites like this feeling stressed or panicked). The bright orange was a thoughtful way to draw attention to where we wanted visitors to go. We added in a special section dedicated to the long history in the roofing business the company had to show they are experts. We added in where people can look to find reviews and had contact information closet to the top so it would be easy to get a quote.